“Bring back the Dubliner!”

If you have been following this blogger’s posts, you should know that my main intention with this blog is to present New England Casino News, Entertainment, Promotions and Dining in an attempt to promote the New England Gaming Area as a DESTINATION. Whether it means a gambling vacation visiting a few New England States for the gaming and wonderful historic and entertaining venues outside the gambling hall, or just visiting one state with it’s multiple casinos, I hope to put out the message that New England Gambling is here to stay. We need to embrace, support and  promote it beyond our northeast corner of the states. Ok, I’m guilty of supporting the home team.

But, there must be others besides me that can be heard in the distance saying…

“Bring back the Dubliner!”

My wife and I visited the new “The Lansdowne Irish Pub & Music House” which replaced the “Dubliner” and it’s lounge-like little sister “Lucky’s.”

Ok, I get it – the big “resort destination” thing is the club scene. Did you know that 7 out of 10 of the most successful nightclubs in America are in Las Vegas? Out there in gambling mecca, night clubs battle each other with guest star DJ’s, over-priced drinks, lighting that would make a concert venue drool, and the most happening crowd that is willing to overspend beyond their means just to be the “hippest of the hip.”

So the club scene rules. Too bad, because it’s influence causes the changes I witnessed Friday night at Mohegan Sun’s new “Irish Pub.”

AMBIANCE – LOUD! I mean, “bring-your-Tums-if-you-are-going-to-try-to-enjoy-your-meal” loud. At a two person table, it was nearly impossible to have a conversation, let alone talk to your server.

SERVICE – except for the fact they have no idea of time (a 20 minute wait = 60 minutes), the service was very good – and it was very busy (I’ll give them that much.) Our waitress was very polite and the manager did an admirable job helping to explain our many concerns with the meal. While holding the company line with his explanations, he listened, and respectfully acknowledged our unhappiness professionally and sincerely. Kudos!

FOOD – My wife and I ordered two entrees and split them, after a Newcastle and a Guinness that were served at the perfect temperature and did not disappoint. And then…..

Let me digress a minute to quote the Mohegan Sun. Their website says “The Lansdowne Pub & Music House brings a touch of Gaelic flair and the utmost in Irish hospitality to Mohegan Sun……(with) amazing Irish fare.” I think not.

ENTREE #1 – Lamb Burger ($15) – Steak fries (Pre-packaged?) with a delicious lamb burger, with feta cheese, roast red peppers and arugala. However, the burger was small ($15 for about 4-5 oz of protien?) with an oversized bun to make it appear bigger than it was. 3 Sliders app for $11 will give you a better entree value than this. But that wasn’t the worst part…

ENTREE #2 – Traditional Lamb Sheperd’s Pie ($15) – Small portion, 90% mashed potatoes, over a tiny puddle of ground lamb and vegetables – I mean TINY! You could barely pick out the lamb. Served with “Irish Soda Bread?” Well, to quote John Pinette, “I say Nay Nay!” This bread was so dry it crumbled in my hands when I picked it up – couldn’t butter it, couldn’t eat it. I questioned the manager about the change in food quality, and the fact that this was not Sheperd’s pie and not Irish Soda Bread! (And not good, period). He insisted that it was traditional recipes from the same chef, but then we we also found out that Lansdowne Corporate made changes to the Dubliner menu to their menu from their Boston Franchise. So essentially – same chef, new corporate menu, less quality, less food, and overpriced.


The BVR rating (Binbin’s Value Rating) = Two pair, 8’s & Aces. Definitely not a winner!

This is called the “Deadman’s Hand” because these were the cards reportedly held by lawman and gunfighter, Wild Bill Hickok, when he was killed. Why Deadman’s Hand? – because right now either the cost per value will kill you, or your portions are small enough to starve you.

I think I’ll visit again, maybe on a weeknight….with nothing scheduled at the arena….with no promotions scheduled…with no dining specials scheduled….at 4:30 pm for supper….during a snowstorm….

That’s all for now!