Gambling in USA lagging behind? Hard to Believe!

It seems that casinos have taken over a lot of our country’s recreation and economics.

We are all aware of the challenges that gambling present to many people, especially concerning the spending of finances beyond their means. I am sure we know of family members and friends who have crossed that line. Over the last ten years the income spent by Americans gambling has increased greatly.

And yet, it seems we are not the “biggest losers!” Matter of fact, twelve other countries in the world have a higher average loss per resident than the good ole’ USA.  The list includes Australia, Singapore, Ireland Canada and most of Scandinavia. It seems the average Aussie gambles 3X more the us Yanks!

The gambling industry is big business in Australia, with Australians losing $15 billion on gambling last year. In Australia alone the casino industry has grown substantially in the last twenty years following the widespread introduction and legalization of casinos and gaming machines. With the advent of casinos, the first one was not introduced until 1972, Australians by 1999-2000 were wagering almost $114 billion, over 30 times as much as in 1972-73. By the turn of the last century Gaming machines contributed around 65 per cent of all gambling turnover, led in New South Wales by the gaming on (‘poker’) machines. Australian harness racing goes back nearly as far as normal horse racing and over 30 tracks are now situated across the country.

Interesting how parochial we in the United States tend to think when considering forms of recreation. The fact is casino gambling is a worldwide phenomena. And seeing the addition in Macau as the new Vegas, as well as Western-style hotel-casino complexes being built in Vietnam and the Philippines it;s universality is obvious. Developers are now even salivating over the prospect of markets opening in India and Japan.

Many wonder whether the Massachusetts casinos will saturate the New England gambling landscape. Casino gambling continues to increase at an alarming rate in our country – but it seems to just reflect an ongoing world-wide development.

But for now, let’s just try to get it right here in New England, as Massachusetts continues the selection process. 

And if you think you may have a gambling problem, don’t hesitate to get help. Check the many resources available.

That’s all for today.