“Hash House A-Go-Go” MoSun Dining Review & Mass Casino update – 1/12/2013

Here a review of Mohegan Sun’s “Hash House A Go Go.”

Mohegan Sun

Hash House A Go-Go

The New York Post said it was one of the coolest places to eat. Hash House says:
1) “We keep the fun in food while pulling from the experiences of farm fresh agriculture, live stock,
and old recipes with a twist.”
2) “We maintain a level of excitement & entertainment within the dining experience, while ensuring excellent service each & every day.”

Using my party of four’s experience, here’s my review of their description:

1) The food – absolutely fun, delicious, and some entrees can feed a family of four by itself. I had the “The Tractor Driver Combo” – Two Eggs cooked perfectly as I preferred, with sausage )or bacon sausage or potatoes) with 1 HH signature flapjack – which was outstanding and about 12″ around! I had the HH famous brown sugar banana flapjack that was the perfect balance of sweet crusted brown sugar and banana infused. The rest of my party was pleased with their hash entrees. But be careful – they start you off with these huge, mouth-watering biscuits – we all agreed the best we ever tasted. Food rating – Bravo! – a BFR (Binbin Food Rating) of 4 aces w/kicker – highest rating.

2) Dining experience – exciting? entertaining? Yes, if you include the yelling in the kitchen which is open to the public. The servers were courteous and exasperated with the kitchen still working out the kinks. The manager was very considerate in visiting tables and helping to smooth things over. However, our wait was 1 hour and 30 minutes, plus 40 more minutes to get our meals which were missing a few things when arriving. They also arrived one at a time, meaning I had to watch my cohorts eat while I licked my biscuit plate. Dining experience – BFR of a pair of Aces.

Bottom line is this is a fantastic place to eat. The food is fresh, delicious and plentiful. But I would wait a little longer before going – they’re still finding their “sea legs.” as my father would say.

But I will expect this to eventually rival the service in the Vegas restaurants. It’s just a matter of time – so, give it a little time.

Massachusetts Casinos Update – Slowly They turn – 
step by slow step….

The state gambling commission is set to meet for the first time in the new year as a key deadline approaches for would-be casino developers in Massachusetts. So far, four companies have paid a $400,000 initial application fee that’s due by Jan. 15. MGM Resorts and Penn National Gaming have both proposed resort casinos in Springfield and plan to seek the sole casino license available for western Massachusetts. Those companies were supposed to file detailed plans with the city on Thursday.  Suffolk Downs in East Boston is pursuing the eastern Massachusetts casino license and the Plainridge harness race track in Plainville is bidding to open a slots parlor.  Several other potential developers could meet the Jan. 15 deadline set by the commission, which held its first meeting of the year Thursday.

CBS NEWS also referred to the Jan 15th deadline. But the truth is, Chief Correspondent Joe Shortsleeve says some gaming experts can’t understand why Massachusetts is moving so slowly and it could be years before any resort style casino ever opens its doors. Half of the gamblers at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island make the trip from Massachusetts. This is right, half! The parking lot is jammed with out of state plates. And the truth is, they will keep coming for years to come even though Massachusetts lawmakers approved gambling in 2011. Industry experts point out other states moved at a much quicker pace once legislation passed, Maryland and Ohio had casinos open in two years. However, in Massachusetts resort casinos could take six.

Clyde Barrow is a casino expert. “We already are going to be last to market,” he says. “We are losing a billion dollars a year to Connecticut and Rhode Island and that translates into about 250 million dollars in lost tax revenue every year.”

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has said it will not issue the first resort casino licenses until February 2014 and those resorts could take an additional three years to build. The State’s Casino Chairman, Steve Crosby, does not apologize for the multi-year process.
“The legislature said job one was integrity, integrity of the process, so we will not compromise integrity for speed,” he says.

Roger Gros is a gaming expert from Las Vegas and publisher of the Global Gaming Business Magazine.   “Again, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel,” says Gros. “By the time Massachusetts gets into the ballgame there are going to be many, many more competitors around them, so the revenue that will actually come into the state will be much smaller.”  And he may be right. A new casino opened in Oxford, Maine last June, just two years after voters approved. And just like Twin River Casino in Rhode Island, it too has expansion plans. New Hampshire is also considering casino gambling at Rockingham Park just across the Massachusetts border.  Clyde Barrow put it this way. “I think Massachusetts remains an attractive market but the longer we wait, the less attractive it becomes, which means fewer and lower quality proposals.”

That’s all for now.  A royal “High Five” if you endured this long post.  I appreciate your viewing.


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