Gambling Pet Peeves – Slots, VP, Table Games and More

So, your at your favorite casino, playing your favorite machine or table game. Then something happens…..what is it that annoys you at the casino and takes away from your recreational fun?
I’d love to hear about a few from you. Here are more of my pet-peeves, as well as others I have found on the internet. Let’s see if you agree:


  • The person who sits at the machine next to you and constantly puts their card in, and pulls it out – like it has anything to do with the with the outcome. Didn’t you people read my blog on the RNG?
  • The person who sits at the slot machine and has to hit all the buttons before the pull (hitting the button). Again, RNG people, RNG!!
  • Slot machines that congratulate you for winning a small amount in the bonus – like a whole $8 while you’re betting $1.25 a whack. I’d rather have it say “better luck next time!”
  • Ashes on the machine buttons. Smokers, c’mon – consider the players after you, please!


  • The person who slaps the buttons so hard, you swear that he/she will break the machine before they break their hand.
  • Sticky buttons on VP machines at bars.
  • The number of times that 4th Ace doesn’t appear in DDB


  • Listen, if your are playing $25 at a $5 Blackjack table, don’t get upset when someone doesn’t play perfect strategy. Where else are they going to learn for real? Play with the serious players at the $25 table. (Besides, studies have shown mistakes in basic strategy by newbies usually even out the table’s play with bad plays that actually help the players. (Look it up!)
  • Dealers who don’t thank players for a tip. Tapping the chip does not count as a proper “thank you.”
  • High table minimums!
  • The dealer shuffles, the players await their first hand of the shoe – and dealer has blackjack!


  • Walking behind someone who suddenly decides to stop cold in their tracks in the middle of the aisle without any regard to the 10 people behind them who now have to quickly react to or run into the inconsiderate person. Is it too hard to just walk to the side before coming to a complete stop?
  • The cocktail waitress comes around and asks you if you would like a drink… then you don’t see her for 15-20 until she comes by and asks you if you want a drink… you order again and then 15-20 minutes she comes by again and still hasn’t brought you a drink and asks you again if you want something. Etc, etc, etc….
  • When the space between machines is filled with half-empty drink glasses, full ashtrays, and other trash.
  • People who scream and shout and jump up and down when they hit almost any kind of win, and lots of times it’s a small win on a slot machine that doesn’t even return their bet back. I figure they do it because they’ve never been to a casino before and they’ve seen people do it on TV or in movies and so they think that’s how they are supposed to act in a casino.
  • And finally, though I love New England, I hate the fact that Las Vegas is SO FAR AWAY! Those 7 hour flights are a royal pain.

That’s all for now.



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