15 Casino Do’s and Don’ts For the Recreational Gambler

Whether it’s your first visit to the casino, or you are a seasoned recreational veteran, you need to follow some guidelines.  If you’ve never been before, you probably haven’t a clue about what to do when you get there.  So, here are 15 Casino “Do’s and Don’ts” to enjoy your recreational visit to the casino.

Bankroll, Game Rules and Rewards Club

1) Know how much money you can wager and lose.  Yes, that’s right, lose.  Know your Bankroll. Approach it as entertainment first. Remember, if you’re not an Advantage Player looking to make a living, it’s recreation.

2) Know the rules of the games you might play.  If you can, get a free app on your smart phone or tablet and play a little before you go.

3) Decide if your trip is for gambling only, or it’s to enjoy all that the casino experience can offer. You can spend sometime dining, shopping or watching live entertainment. These are good activities too. Just don’t gamble in casinos to make your trip productive.

4) Sign up for a rewards card.  You may get a free slot play bonus, or get freebies for eats later on. You could get free tickets to a concert, and if you play enough to raise your level of card, you could get additional things from a special parking area for your card level, to entrance into a VIP lounge.  Rewards Club

5) Be contented with small casino wins. First timers usually lose more in casinos. Breaking even in casinos is often considered a win.

15 Casino Do’s and Don’ts – Online Resources

NETimeGambling Guide to Recreational Gambling
NETimeGambling, Your Guide to Recreational Gambling

6) Check the local newspaper for advertisements, or check the web on the best deals in casinos.  NETimeGambling often lists promotions and New England casino news on Twitter and Facebook.  Sign-up bonuses, double points, giveaways, dining deals – they’re all for the taking.  Go where the whole experience will be great, not just the gambling.

7) Don’t believe in superstitions like “hot machines” or “it must be time my luck changed’ or, “surely it can’t be red again?” Each bet is an event of its own, with no connection to the previous event. Understand what a RNG does.  Repeat after me, “The House has the advantage.” Now go out there and enjoy it, win or lose. Be prepared ahead of time and be knowledgeable.

8) Do drink alcohol responsibly when gambling.  Excessive alcohol will inevitably cause you to accept losing beyond a “healthy situation.” It also may cause you to make decisions concerning bankroll and strategy that would not be financially responsible.

9) Do Bring a watch and your cell phone.  Casinos show no clocks, and don’t provide windows Wrist devices like FitBit or Apple Watches can signal you with incoming messages by vibrations or sounds that you can feel or hear above the cacophony of  noise in the casino and prove invaluable.

Be Aware Of the Little Things

10) Casinos convert your cash into chips at the tables. Simply said, this is so you lose the sense that this is really money. Remember chips ARE money.

11) Don’t be afraid to ask staff for help.  The casino wants to get you there and keep you as long as possible. Staff are available for you as a hospitality service. They want their guests  to feel welcome and happy.

Casino Staff
The casinos staff is there for you!

Don’t be shy.  If you are new (or not) to the game, please ask the dealer for advice. They want you to win! The more you win, the more likely you are to tip, however tip for their help and entertaining personality. Dealers have nothing to do with your winning.  Don’t worry about taking a little longer. Everyone starts as a beginner, and most will appreciate your attempt to make the correct play.

12) Don’t hand dealers chips or cash – they are not allowed to handle it directly.  The “Eye in the Sky” is watching your play and their work. Put the chips or cash on the table. They will not accept it any other way.

Non-smoking & Tipping

13) If you smoke, be aware of those around you. If you are a non-smoker in a smoking part of the casino, be flexible.  Reach a common ground that you both can be comfortable with. Casino Do's and Don'ts
14) Take a walk around when you arrive.  In this day and age, make sure you know your nearest exits if new to that property. Get acquainted with your surroundings. Casinos can be difficult to navigate through.  That’s the way they want it.
Tipping casino staff
Tip your waitstaff, especially if you request specific items.

15) Carry dollar bills for tips. In most casinos, complimentary beverages are served, but the wait staff is usually expecting a small tip. At tables and video poker bars, tip after the first drink.  And tip a little higher than normal. You’ll find their personal service to you will increase.

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Finally, have fun.  Its social, its entertainment.  Let’s just leave it as that.
That’s all for now.

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