12 Tips for an Elevated MGM Experience

From time to time, we have guest posts. Today, Chris DiMauro, from Art in the Game, gives his insight and opinions with 12 Tips for an Elevated MGM Experience. Many of his points are good at all MGM properties, but this particularly concerns MGM Springfield. Be sure to read his bio information at the end of his post.

Remember a time before casino loyalty programs? When they just cared about how much you were willing to wager. My first introduction to loyalty programs was a Foxwoods Wampum card. I remember calling Foxwoods to see how many comps points I had received the night before. If my memory serves me correctly, the first time I ever cashed in a comp dollar was at the Buffet outside Rainmaker.

New England's Casinos
The Rainmaker, Foxwoods

Fast forward to 2020, and the industry’s connection with the customer is through player loyalty cards.  The following tips are excerpts from my recent podcast – episode 70, “Going High… With Our Rolling- Casino Comps and Mlife Secrets.

Tips for an Elevated MGM Casino Experience

1. Dress the part if you would like to be treated like you were at the ballpark dress that way. If you’d like to be treated like a millionaire, dress like you belong in a high roller room. How you look makes a difference with your staff interactions.

2. Tip your service people. Nothing screams “I’m not a high roller” like a lonely $1 on your cocktail server’s tray. I would suggest $2-$3. as your first tip, and if the same server returns, raise it to $10. Let them know you appreciate their service, you’re here to play, and they shouldn’t forget you”. You’re looking for a good player/server relationship. Trust me; I’m the guy who you see getting his second drink when you still haven’t gotten your first.

Tips for an Elevated MGM Casino Experience
Tip the staff.

3. Toke (tip), your dear. Toke stands for “token of appreciation.” I advise tipping the dealer upon buying in, especially when Pit Boss is watching. Also, at this point, it’s a good idea to double or triple your average bet. Then, when the Pit Boss takes note of your high first bet, you’ll start with a better average wager.

4. Play in established pairs. You would be surprised at what good vibes a pair of gambling buddies can bring to a table. Length of play is benefited by compounded energy. In addition, you will always have the attention of the pit boss as you outlast players and cycle through dealers and shifts. Say something like “I’m outlasting everybody today” with a smile might get you a discretionary meal comp.

5. Play games that extend your play. Casinos are interested in your average bet overtime. ADT – average daily theoretical losses – is the data that evaluates your worth. This includes Free Play and other offers.

Tips for an Elevated MGM Casino Experience – MLife Rewards

12 Tips for an Elevated MGM Experience
MLife Rewards Club Cards for MGM

6. Use your MGM Mlife Rewards card. The following MGM Springfield information is based on zero multipliers for higher-tiered rewards cards. (Higher Tiers have multipliers built-in)

  • $1.50 equals one tier credit Win or lose.
  • 2 tier credits equal 1 point. One point will cost you $3.00.
  • 1,000 points can be converted into $10.00 of free play or on property spend.
  • Therefore, obtaining an elevated card and playing on promotional multiplier days makes good sense.

7. Express Comps are awarded to players based on their Average Theoretical win. The higher the house edge, the more express comps are earned. Slots will net more Express Comps than video poker.  Not all MGM properties award express comps for table play. All awards for slot play.

8. Tier up your spouse. The Mlife program allows dedicated partners to enjoy matched status. If one of you has a higher Tier card, visit the Mlife desk, and both will have the higher Tier card. Also, you will be able to share express comps while keeping track of your own points. Your individual points will dictate your individual free play and comps. I believe this to be a real advantage to MGM’s loyalty program.

Tips for an Elevated MGM Casino Experience – Continued

9. Sign up for a branded credit card. Besides the normal credit card perks, it will usually elevate you to the Rewards Club second tier. It also prevents you from losing your points if you do not visit every six months. With the MLife Credit Card, another advantage concerns your “on property” spending. Using your card “on property gives you 3X points on room and dining spend.

12 Tips for an Elevated MGM Experience

10. Always swipe at a promotional kiosk before playing to activate promotions.

11. Anytime you swipe your card at a Mlife kiosk to pick up a gift or activate a promotion, plan on gambling your average play that day. Swiping and not playing will hurt your ADT and future comps.

12. Finally, Check-in suggestions. When checking in for an overnight stay, tip upon check-in with a smile and try a request for an upgrade. More times than not, you’ll be glad you did. In addition, do not forget your bell captain, especially if visiting a new city. These are great folks to tap for local advice. I have had bell captains help me get upgraded to a suite.

The Last Word

Never discount the team member who is staring you in the face. In the end, Players remember the “Golden Rule.” Treat others as you wish to be treated. You will be the better for it! Great Luck, Players.

Guest Bio

Born in 1972 in Springfield, Massachusetts, Chris DiMauro followed his talent agent mother’s passion for entertainment. Mr. DiMauro initiated music and art projects during the ’90s, highlighting Springfield’s talent. But, by the millennial, he had had enough of nightlife, show business, and entertainment altogether and left for a “regular life.”

Chris lives with his wife of 20 years and 8-year-old daughter in Western Massachusetts.  He enjoys skiing, AHL hockey, cooking/eating, and gaming.  Chris currently works as a creative director for both internet and broadcast media. 

Chris DiMauro’s passion project for the past five years has been his podcast and website. It covers news, entertainment, dining, and gaming at MGM Springfield. It also supports the city of Springfield entertainment, sports, and arts.