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10 Tips for Your Casino Return

Some of us still haven’t returned to the casino. Or maybe we visited once or twice since they closed in March. Nevertheless, going back to your local casino when requires some planning. So before you get in the car, take a deep breathe and read over our 10 Tips for Your Casino Return

10 Tips for Your Casino Return
Mohegan Sun, CT

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Before You Get In the Car

1. Study and Practice Before Your Casino Return

Libraries and bookstores have oodles of casino and gambling books that will guide you. I know many of you were honing your skills when the casinos were closed. The internet has plenty of practice tools for the casino games of your choice. However, your first stop must be the Wizard of Odds website.

2. Treat Your Casino Return as Entertainment

Nothing takes away the fun factor more quickly than losing money that you need for life’s essentials. Your casino return should be enjoyable and fun. So, make your gambling bankroll last. Divide it into segments, i.e., before lunch/after lunch.

3. Plan to play Big and Visit Less Often

We know it’s been a long time since you visited. But a short casino return will damage your ADT.  You’ve been saving for four months with no wagering. Take 2-3X the usual bankroll and plan to stay awhile. Consequently, wait longer between visits.

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4. Bring a Few Extra Rewards Cards

10 Tips for Your Casino Return

You know where your old cards have been since the pandemic. Untouched by no human hands, except yours!  If you have plenty of extra cards, bring a bunch. If you lose one or forget it in the machine, you have more and you won’t have to go get another one.

5. Before Your Casino Return, Go to the Casino’s Website

You need to check their Covid-19 protocols. Mask, No Mask? Plexiglass, No Plexiglass? Also, find out what food options you may have. You may find restaurants still not open, or have selective hours of operation. Click HERE for all of New England Casinos.

In addition, you may want to visit Facebook Communities.  For our New England Casinos, check out  New England Casinos (Casino Biz, Gambling and Recreational Insights),  TravelZorkArt in The Game The MGM Springfield Private Community,   Everything Foxwoods*Mohegan Sun*MGM Springfield*Twin River*Tiverton*Encore,  and  Everything Encore Boston Harbor.

6. Bring ALL the Things You May Need

  • No matter how you feel about masks, bring the one that is most comfortable to you. Bring an extra, or ask the casino staff to provide you with one.
  • Rub your eyes often? Some people are wearing glasses that fit over their regular glasses that fit tight.
  • Seeing that you’re driving to it, pack a lunch for a lunch break. When you take your break, have a smoke, chill with some music.
  • Bring your lucky whatever
  • Bring hand sanitizer, just to be sure. And wipes to clean your machine.
  • Be sure to bring a good attitude and lots of patience.

You’ve Arrived, Now What? – More Tips for Your Casino Return

7. If it’s not busy, take a walk around.

Find the time of day or week you’re most comfortable with. As for me, I prefer early morning whether I’m in New England, Atlantic City or Las Vegas.

8. Use your Players Card – with One Exception

This allows the casino to track your play and thus know how much to reward you with comps, even though comps may be slow in coming after opening. One exception – if you are expecting a limited time to visit, play a little and don’t use your card. Save it for Big Play Days.

9. Remind Yourself to Slow Down Your Play 

You may be very excited – so excited you can’t stand it! Take a deep breathe, check your smart phone, send some texts, and take a pic or two for your “friends.” Extend your visit by taking breaks. Enjoy finally being back where you belong.

10. Be Aware of Others – Respect Social Distancing

10 Tips for Your Casino Return ends with your interaction with other players. You may be comfortable with returning, but others may not. Be respectful that others will need their space, and may be very anxious during these “unprecedented” times. Remember that seniors are more susceptible to COVID-19. And don’t be that guy  that complains about the politics of it all, or how your liberty is being restricted. At this crazy time in our lives, maybe consideration and kindness could start in the casino.


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