Money-Saving Casino Tips From Jean Scott

Jean Scott is the “Queen of Coupons.” She and her husband Brad consider themselves retired from professional gambling, mainly playing video poker. However, her advice continues to be golden. One of her many posts gives us “Money-Saving Casino Tips.”

These money-saving casino tips should be considered a normal part of your casino visits. “Good” gamblers learn the best strategies on the best games. They will also use any legal method to increase their odds and lower the casino’s advantage. Ways to save money and lengthen your bankroll is the key.

Jean Scott is one of those authors who practices what she preaches.  Be sure to visit her website  Jean Scott’s Frugal Vegas.

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10 Casino Money-Saving Tips

1. Study before you go.

Libraries and bookstores have oodles of casino and gambling books that will guide you on a money-saving path. The Internet is full of information on various casino games. Learn which games have the smallest casino edge or have a skill factor you could learn. Learn the strategy that will enable you to play longer. All of these will allow you to lose less and/or stretch your bankroll further.
Casino Money-Saving Tips
Shooting at the Craps Table – have fun whatever your game is.

2. Treat gambling as a form of entertainment and budget it just as you do whatever else you do for fun, such as movies, eating out, and vacations.

Nothing takes away the fun factor more quickly than losing the money you need for life’s essentials. Do not take your checkbook or ATM, or credit card to the casino with you. Decide how much you can afford to spend (lose), and take that amount as your gambling bankroll.

Make your gambling bankroll last the whole time you plan to be in a casino by dividing it into segments, i.e., in thirds if you are staying three days, in three-to-four session bankrolls for each day. Then never “borrow ahead” from the next session bankroll.

3. Join every casino player’s club, even if you don’t plan to gamble there much.

Membership is free, and many casinos give cardholders discounts in their restaurants, gift shops, and rooms.

4. Use your player’s card when you play.

This allows the casino to track your play and thus know how much to reward you with comps, those freebie meals, rooms, shows, and other benefits that the casinos want to give their players. Casinos cannot give you comps if they don’t know you are playing in their casino.

An added benefit of joining and using a player’s card is that casinos often send out mailers, even to those who have played little or not at all for a while. You will be surprised at the money-saving offers that will appear in your mailbox when you get home.

Casino Money-Saving Tips
Mohegan Sun’s Momentum Players Club

If you play machines, there is a place for you to insert your card. If you play the tables, you merely hand the card to the dealer of any game and ask that your play be tracked. Casinos cannot give you comps if they don’t know you are playing in their casino.

5. Don’t drink too much alcohol, even if the drinks are free. It will cloud your judgment.

More Casino Money-Saving Tips From Jean Scott 

6. If you are losing too fast, lower your denomination.

Change from the dollar slots to quarters or from quarter to nickels. At the tables, bet the lowest-value chip allowed and stay away from aggressive play.

Slow down your play. Make your bankroll last longer; take non-gambling breaks. Take a meal break.

Savor the noisy, fun-filled atmosphere. The bells and whistles, the clanking coins, the high fives at the tables, the excited screams of winners — this is what makes the casino such an entertaining experience.

Casino Money-Saving Tips
Remember the days of casino trips with coupon books?
8. Look for promotions that will add value to a game you play:
Multiplier Days – bonus players club points, like double points on holidays or a certain day every week. Look for bonuses for certain events or holidays. Check out chances for free slot play.

9. Get your proper rest.
A tired gambler is a gambler who will make decisions he will regret. Get a full night’s sleep and take a nap, if possible. Gambling is hard work!

The Royal Queen of Coupons has spoken!  Check out her books at Amazon.


Jean Scott is the author of the best-selling book “The Frugal Gambler” (a must for every gambler), a casino guide for thrifty low rollers, plus a sequel, “More Frugal Gambling.” She stresses sensible, responsible gambling and shows how to stretch out casino fun time whatever your gambling bankroll.

Retired from the high school English classroom, her passion is still education while she continues as an active player in casinos worldwide. Today, Jean Scott, who, in her words, is just an “ordinary grandmother,” is the world’s most famous low-rolling gambler and her fans are legion

Remember, when gambling & comp-harvesting, embrace the math, not the Myth.